Workshop en aériens avec Jonathan Fortin

Avant de réjoindre le TLH-Sierre et l’équipe de création du spectacle Solution intermédiaire, le sangliste Jonathan Fortin propose au Zirkusquartier à Zürich un workshop en sangles et autres disciplines aériennes.


This 2-day intensive workshop will explore a powerful aerial technique in which the body is the primary apparatus. The workshop is open to any aerialist involve in a regular and serious practice, and will demand determination, intelligence, and passion. An investigation of the body hanging in relation with time and space, exploring an aerial vocabulary that offers presence and freedom in movement, and finding new research tools to aid in composing and creating performance work.

About Jonathan Fortin
Since his graduation from École Nationale de Cirque in 2009, Jonathan has defended a unique vision of art and performance. The emotional impact of his work has brought him international recognition. He has been an associate artist with Lachapelle Scènes Contemporaines since 2011 and an expert contributor of FEDEC since 2012. He is actively sharing his vision and experience by teaching workshops internationally and creating Labo, in which the essence of the technique is the primary artistic inspiration.

Infos pratiques

Dates : samedi 03 et dimanche 04 février 2018 (11h-14h)
Prix : 180.00 CHF (ou 125.00 CHF avec réduction)
Lieu : Zirkusquartier – Flurstrasse 85 – 8047 Zürich
Infos et inscriptions :